The Taming of the Untameable Zumi

Mera in Miami Beach

After trying all methods for training our precocious apricot poodle, Zumi, we were referred to Christine at Bauser’s Pet Training. Zumi took the beginner’s course and it was so enjoyable, because we also learned the importance of the master’s role in training the pooch, and realized we had been doing it all wrong before. Christine’s patience and perseverance really paid off, and we will be forever grateful to her for being a wonderful Doggy Whisperer. I highly recommend Bauser’s Pet Training to anyone in need of doggy training. bones


dog trainer in miami
Just amazing! 

Leslie Pinto in Miami

The best place to train your dog! Christine is just amazing, and the class is just wonderful, my dog loved it so much! we will definitely keep on going for the next levels, It’s also a really good way to bond with your pet! bones


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Great Instructor At Bauser’s Pet Training

Donavin in Miami

I adopted a 3 year German Shepherd from the Humane Society; I quickly realized that in order for the dog to stay, things would have to change. I visited, spoke with, and reviewed five different dog trainers before selecting Christine at Bauser’s Pet Training. With her positive reinforcement approach, her positive attitude, her experience, and her in-depth knowledge, she has and continues to shape both my dog’s (DJ) habits and my behavior in dealing with him. The best thing is that I can reach out to her at any time, day or night, and she is available to answer questions or just calm me down. I was very hesitant at first, as I am not a patient person, but with Christine’s help, DJ and I are doing just fine. We graduated puppy training in March and we are now in her intermediate class. I am over joyed that I get to keep DJ because he has become manageable and is exceeding my expectations. Bauser’s Pet Training gets two thumbs up from me and 5 Bones from DJ. Thanks Christine. You are the best. bones


Training my two dogs

Maxine in Fisher Island

Christine is a pleasure to work with. She is very professional and intelligent. She knows everything there is to know about working with dogs. She has a wonderful personality as well. Positive reinforcement techniques are taught by Christine. My dogs Raphael 9 months, and Ruby 4 years love her. Learning becomes fun with Christine. bones



Bauser’s Pet Training is the best!

Chana in Miami

About a year ago I adopted a lovely dog from a shelter. My family and I fell in love with Herbie’s warm personality and funny face. I have owned and successfully trained dogs before, even difficult ones, so I felt confident that I could handle this one too. Fat chance – Herbie was too much for me. Herbie terrorized our two cats. He broke out of the house and yard and charged through the neighborhood for twenty minutes at a time, chasing cats and attacking ducks, followed by me and my kids. He chewed up furniture, toys, shoes, and books. He stole food from the table, even eating it while standing on the table. Although he was never violent, he scared kids and adults alike with his ferocious barking. Walking him was an exercise in frustration and effort. Despite a wicked-looking prong collar he pulled like a train and knocked me off my feet more than once. Within two weeks of starting beginner group lessons with Christine, my friends and family noticed the difference. Herbie was calming down and following directions. After eight group lessons and three months of training, Herbie is a different dog. Look for us in the neighborhood. You’ll find him lying down docilely surrounded by a group of little kids patting him and exclaiming over his soft ears and funny feet (I kid you not!). When we walk by the canal he walks on a loose leash, and strolls calmly by flocks of ducks. He is sniffing noses with my cats, and treating them more respectfully. He never even tries to escape. I credit Christine’s excellent teaching, of course, for this change. Tellingly, she never worked with him herself or even with us in private lessons. Rather, she taught me how to work with my dog to reach him and teach him. Herbie and I learned together how to work as a team. Her classes are reasonably priced, too, which sweetens the deal. I’m planning on returning this summer for advanced obedience class and agility training. bones




Larry in Coral Gables

A new puppy, and the first dog I have had since I was a child. We didn’t know where to start. We got a four lesson package, and Christine took us through all the basics to get our new family member ready to be a good Canine Citizen. She did a great job, offering not only hands-on guidance, but a series of great “homework” sessions after the lessons to help us stay on track. And, the best part, she was always there by e-mail or phone, if we ran into any minor crisis between lessons. I’d greatly recommend her as my dog’s best friend!! bones

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