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Our training philosophy

The most effective dog training occurs when I help bring awareness to pet owners. In this way, owners can partner with me to continue training when not in a class or group setting. I enjoy helping pet owners to understand what their dogs are really communicating to them. Welcoming all breeds, I begin my training by making sure the pet owner(s) understand and can mimic what I am doing. I am trained in different methodologies of dog training and find positive reinforcement training is the most fun and beneficial way to train your dog to become a well-behaved family member. When using the main styles of training: shaping, luring, catching, chaining, mimicking, and molding behaviors, I find dogs do learn and love to learn. All dogs want to do is please their owners. Happily teaching multiple levels of dog training, I also provide individual private lessons depending upon your dogs needs. I will assess your dog and determine whether group or private training will be most beneficial for you and your dog. My goal is for you to be happy, with a happy well-behaved dog!